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Federal Minimum Wage & Employee Rights Under FLSA

Nursing Mothers Break Time FLSA

Family and Medical Leave Act

OSHA Job Safety and Health

Access to Medical and Exposure Records OSHA 3110

EEOC Workplace Discrimination is Illegal

Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and CHIP



Disability Leave Notice of Compliance DB-120

Paid Family Leave Notice of Compliance PFL-120

Workers' Compensation Notice of Compliance C-105

Unemployment Insurance Notice to Employees IA 133

Minimum Wage, Miscellaneous Industries LS 207

Minimum Wage, Home Care Aides
LS 207.4

Division of Human Rights Discrimination, Executive Law Article 15

Notice of Employee Rights, Protections, and Obligations Under LAB § 740

Equal Pay Provision of NYS Labor Law LS 603

Nursing Mothers Rights LS 702

New York Correction Law Article 23-A

Time Off to Vote

Magic Home Care Paid Time Off Policy for Caregivers

Magic Home Care Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Veteran Benefits and Services


Human Rights Law Notice of Rights

Pregnancy Accommodations at Work

Stop Sexual Harassment Act

Know Your Rights At Work Poster

Temporary Schedule Change

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